Artists at Play Podcast

Hi, We're the Artists at Play Interns! (2022)

Episode Summary

A conversation with this year's Artists at Play Interns.

Episode Notes

This year, Artists at Play welcomed new interns/mentees who sought an opportunity to learn about the work we do as a producing collective. In this episode, we learn about them! AAP co-founder and co-producing artistic leader Marie-Reine Velez facilitates a discussion with AAP interns and young theatre artists Sandy Nguyen, Jocelyn Shek, Victoria Vourkoutiotis, and Emi Yoshino about their experiences, interests, and vision for the future. 

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains minimal use of expletive language and words. 

Episode credits:
Produced and edited by Marie-Reine Velez
Additional editing by Nicholas Pilapil
Theme song by Eloise Wong